Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Which end of the telescope are we looking through?

Luisa thinks to herself well, the Third Sector is a vital part of Big Society. So vital in fact that when it comes to the Work Programme, it is fully involved in waiting to be fully involved.  When its not fully involved in waiting its fully involved in fund-raising perhaps, or wondering how those who most need its services will be able to get them, or what ? Some are thinking about A4E but Luisa thinks they are a symptom rather than a cause. And that detracts from focusing on how those who need good services to gain their self-respect never mind a job, are going to get such services from a cash squeezed third sector. In the meantime, with many young people out of work, with inadequate jobs available, and with a deep need to encourage entrepreneurship, Luisa wonders why those approaching retirement still need to look for work, and yet others will be forced to work for longer, competing for work with younger members of society who probably need jobs more than imminent retirees. H'mmm. And this will continue for quite a while. Not a few months, but a few years. So who can we have an honest discussion with about all this ? 

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  1. Luisa, I wonder if you have a contemporary, Colleen perhaps, who is sitting in an office in local government land wondering just how to fully involve you better because the employment stats just dont seem to be moving in the right direction evne though she has done everything asked of her by the Big Society Government.
    Maybe your mistake is in trying to have an honest discussion when the other people are patently having a dishonest one.