Thursday, 19 April 2012

Luisa's Quandaries

Luisa’s line-up of mathematical quandaries:

  1. More over 50s unemployed + More people having to work longer before they can receive their state pension = More older people with less money + More older people needing financial support
  2. More people looking for work + Less jobs = Less money being spent + More people needing financial support
  3. The growth of the economy will be directly proportional to the growth of small businesses

Luisa’s line up of non-mathematical quandaries:

  1. Reducing charitable giving is better than directly taxing the rich
  2. Increasing the costs of public transport is better than reducing the costs of public transport
  3. Privatising public services is better than managing them effectively
  4. Talking about neighbourhoods and localism is better than having neighbourhoods and localism
  5. Privatising local authorities will be better than having effective public local authorities
  6. Having someone to vote for is better than having no one to vote for
  7. Propping up a dead elephant is better than saying OMG the elephant is dead !

Add your own.

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